My Trip

I’m a 38 year old female traveller, leaving for a solo backpacking trip to Asia on 9th September 2010 and returning at Christmas time 2010.
Picture of me

I’m English, but have been living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) for over seven years. I have never been to Asia OR travelled solo OR stayed away from home for more than two weeks before, but am looking forward to the challenge and adventure.

I’m excited, curious and a little bit nervous.

The plan:

I’m going to be spending approx. one month in Indonesia (first in Bali and then in Sulawesi) where I am planning to learn to scuba dive. The next month will be spent in India (starting in Mumbai and gradually working my way to Delhi via Rajasthan). I’ll be reaching Thailand in early November and am have left the remainder of the trip open, except for booking my return flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 23rd December.

I’m planning on hitting the internet cafes regularly, so I hope to be posting to this site pretty frequently. Nice to know that you’re with me on the way!


2 Responses to My Trip

  1. Raelene Walters says:


    Hope things are going well, read your posting and it seems like it really is.
    Of course we are desperately missing you here but Adam and Marty are driving us hard ! getting us all in shape for xmas.
    Take good care & be safe

    See you back home soon

    • lucygriffith says:

      Thanks Rae, Nice to hear from you – sorry for the horribly late response! Glad to hear that they’re looking after you in the gym. Keep up the good work and see you in January x

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