Kuala Lumpur, then home to a perfect gift

I’m sitting writing this at my sister’s kitchen table in Cowfold, wearing fingerless gloves, (almost) the entire contents of my suitcase and a nice warm fleece top (Christmas present from my lovely mum). It’s taken some adjustment to be back in the frosty cold of England, but great to receive a warm festive welcome from my lovely family. On my last morning in Malaysia I was sweating as I packed my bag in the 30 degree heat and humidity. Twenty-one hours of travelling later I found myself shivering and jetlagged in my thin clothes at Stansted airport in the middle of the night, remembering what –2 degrees feels like. I felt like an alien that had just been beamed down from Mars.

IMG_4966 IMG_4973 IMG_4975

My two days stop-off in Kuala Lumpur was a pleasant way to say goodbye to Asia. It was nice to be back at the wonderful ‘Backhome KL’ hostel – I got the same smiley greeting,  cozy dorm room and friendliness I so enjoyed on my first visit in September, plus they’d decorated a little Christmas tree and stuck it in the lobby as a reminder that it was December (an easy fact to forget here in the heat).

resizedIMG_4777klreturn resizedIMG_4783klreturn resizedIMG_4775klreturn

I took a long walk around town this time (avoiding the malls… the travel budget has been stretched enough) to grab some last hours of Asian sunshine, birdsong and greenery. I ended up at the butterfly house and bird park, making friends with some colourful creatures, then popped into the National Mosque (they’d only let me in if I put on a synthetic, bright purple, full-length hooded gown – how muslim women don’t sweat to death is beyond me!). But before I knew it I woke on morning 103 and I had to face up to facts…. back to reality….

resizedIMG_4795klreturn resizedIMG_4938klreturn resizedIMG_4872klreturn

…. On Christmas Day I got the best present / welcome home gift ever. My new niece, little Alice, was delivered safe and sound and perfect by my twin sister Claire. Some things are worth travelling half the way around the world for!

resizedP1010510alice   resizedP1010532alice   resizedP1010543alice

So that’s me signing out for the moment. Thanks to all of you who have been reading my entries and writing such lovely comments. It’s been great to know you’ve been with me along the way! It really has been the most amazing adventure and I’ve had the time of my life. Now I just have to start planning for the next trip. Something tells me it won’t be too far away…

resizedIMG_4952klreturn resizedIMG_4907klreturn resizedIMG_4811klreturn


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One Response to Kuala Lumpur, then home to a perfect gift

  1. Paula Gilfillan says:

    Hi Lucy, Glad you made it back and it has been really interesting reading your blog. Hope you are keeping well, all the best, Paula:)XX

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