Post-dive hanging out in Khao Lak

It’s been really great hanging around in Khao Lak since I left the dive boat. Great company, lovely beaches, too many beers, beautiful surrounding countryside and some more lovely chill-out time before heading towards Bangkok.

resizedIMG_2969khaolak resizedIMG_3091khaolak resizedIMG_3097khaolak

I could get used to a regime of morning ocean swims, beach walks, leisurely breakfasts then hanging about. If it wasn’t for the fact that the clock is ticking and I have a whole lot more of Asia to see in my final weeks here then I’d be tempted to plant my feet.

resizedIMG_3099khaolak resizedIMG_3107khaolak resizedIMG_2976khaolak

Yesterday I hired a scooter and headed out to the ‘Chong Fa Waterfall’ about 8km out of town. It was so nice to be back on a bike, winding my way through the forests of palms with the wind in my hair (well, through my seriously-dodgy Thai helmet actually).  I arrived as the sky was starting to darken and took the 1km climb up to the falls for a dip in a pool full of ‘cleaner fish’. This was a very odd sensation. The little fish wait for you to stay still for a while, then start nibbling at your skin, eating away the dead skin cells. At first it made me jumpy, but after a while I got used to it (until one particularly big fish bit me on the bum and I decided it was time to move). I then sat under the gushing falls for a seriously-deep-tissue water massage. It was fantastic! I had the place to myself, so swum around a bit looking up at the trees and watching a rain storm roll in. Luckily I was already drenched so I didn’t mind the rain on the journey home.

I’m looking forward to returning here in December, but in the meantime I had to catch my night bus to Bangkok.


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2 Responses to Post-dive hanging out in Khao Lak

  1. Karine Mouflin says:

    Hello Lucy,
    You make me dream…. this is magic!!
    Thanks for the blog & enjoy the rest of your trip, Big hugs
    Karine M

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