Kuala Lumpur – Bright Lights, Big City

I opted to stop off in KL for a couple of days  en route to India from Indonesia. This was largely a financial decision, as Air Asia (the Easy Jet of Asia) use KL as a hub (my travel budget is spiralling since I developed a diving addiction!) but also it seemed like a good place to explore and take a breather before the anticipated chaos of India.


Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers


Travelling via KL to save money was perhaps misguided as it’s shopping mall heaven there! They have so many HUGE multi-level shopping centres full of shiny Western-style shops that it’s hard not to be tempted to spend big wads of cash. I ended up buying the thing I’ve been craving the most since I began my trip…. a mini laptop. I totally resisted the idea of travelling with one until I arrived in Asia. Since then I’ve been missing a way of blogging and sorting out photos without the clock ticking away in the internet cafe. It made a hole in my budget, but not too much of a big one (got an amazing bargain in the technology mall) and I’m very happy with it!


... and by day

... and by day


I really had a great time in KL. I stayed at a fantastic hostel called ‘Back Home’ which was the nicest place I’ve stayed so far! It was cheap, a really hip design, comfortable and full of lovely friendly people. It was so nice to be around other travellers and share stories and laughs.

Feeling guilty for spending the best part of my only full day in KL in the mall, I headed out for the evening into town with two new friends … Justyna (Polish) and Sophie (Chinese) to snap photos of the Petronas Towers and to eat Chinese food (Sophie screwed up her face at the thought of this and ordered Spaghetti and Meatballs!!). We laughed a lot and I wished I’d planned some extra days here. I’m going to book a couple of extra days at ‘Back Home’ before I fly back to London at Christmas time. And I promise to get further than the malls this time!


Sophie and Justyna

Sophie and Justyna



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