Tangkoko National Park then Goodbye Indonesia!

I’ve just been sitting waiting to board the plane to Jakarta with a big beaming smile on my face. I may have looked like a deranged tourist, but I was actually busy mentally cataloguing all the incredible experiences I’ve collected during my three and a half weeks in Indonesia. I leave the country today, but take with me a whole collection of wonderful memories.

Indonesia has been the land where I wore blossom in my hair, swam with sharks, was greeted everywhere with smiles and giggles and kindness, met some lovely people (and wildlife!) and gasped at some beautiful land and seascapes. There is so much more to see here, and I’m sure I’ll return one day, but for now it’s time to say goodbye.

Yesterday we drove out to the Tangkoko National Park for a trek through the jungle in search of some teeny-tiny Tarsius monkeys. It was incredibly hot and sticky when we set off at 3pm, but the place smelled and sounded wonderful. The cicadas were chirping so loudly they sounded like they’d been plugged into an amp and every now and again we’d hear the ‘whoosh whoosh’ of a Hornbill’s wings as one flew overhead. In one clearing we came across some Black Macaque Monkeys, all proudly displaying their flame-red rears.

The search for the Tarsius was more tricky, but as it grew dark we spotted a couple of them hanging out in the branches of a big tree. They were the cutest little things, with their big round eyes blinking in the torch beam. They had amazing branch-to-branch leaping skills and were no bigger than about the size of a fist.

We headed back to base by torchlight, stopping briefly to say hello to a massive (and very cool) tarantula. We were ready for a cool beer and Nasi Goreng (I joined the locals in a makeshift canteen). The food tasted great!

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It was time to take the van back down the windy jungle road towards Manado. We plugged my ipod into the car stereo and me and Devi sang our hearts out along to Beatles songs all the way home. Another lovely Indonesian memory to add to the list!

Next stop Kuala Lumpur!


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