All alone in the middle of the rainforest (well, 10 mins away from an internet cafe actually!)

I arrived today at Tomohon, inland from Manado (Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia) to have a few days of chilling out in the lush green forest setting. If I stick my head out of my little jungle bungalow I can see dense foliage and a bloody great volcano. Pretty cool! Feeling a bit far from home today though, as for the first time on the trip I’m really on my own. Life at the dive centre has been very friendly and social, but now I seem to be the only guest in the place. It’s just me in a little box in the middle of a big old forest! Although I can’t imagine I’m going to be partying much here, it will be good to relax with some books before heading off to KL in four days time.

My room at Onong's Palace

My home for a couple of nights

There’s also this internet cafe a short taxi hop away. It’s hilarious in here – I’m surrounded by small Asian children blowing things up in various very loud computer game activities. It’s only 50 cents an hour though, which makes up for the violent background noise!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I’ve arranged to climb two volcanos, visit a sulphur lake and waterfalls, and a local market where they sell snake / dog / rat meat (scary). The driver is picking me up at 5am so we catch the sunrise!

By the way, I’m happy to report that the Mandarin fish at Bunaken (see previous entry) completed their mission! They were absolutely charming little things and it was very touching to watch their delicate courtship dances. Hard to keep still underwater in order to avoid distracting them though!

Mandarin Fish

Mandarin Fish


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