I’m a Diver!

picture of me underwater

Posing for the underwater camera

I’ve been studying diving here at Two Fish Lembeh for six days now and am continuing to be bowled-over by the experience. It feels sad to have to leave tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to a few more days diving at the other Two Fish centre at Bunaken. No doubt there will be new challenges and plenty of cool critters to spot there. I’m very proud to have passed both my Open Water PADI course and my Advanced ‘Adventures in Diving’ course since arriving here, which qualifies me to dive to a depth of 30 meters anywhere in the world!

Last night I completed my first night dive, which was a memorable and exciting experience. At first the task of diving with just a torch to light a small path ahead was quite demanding and disorientating, but I soon adjusted and enjoyed ‘treasure hunting’ in the dark.

As part of the advanced course I’ve been learning to streamline myself in the water (Helen has taught me to ‘frog kick’) and with each dive I’m gradually using less air, so I’m getting dives in of more than an hour.

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For the underwater photography module I borrowed a camera. It was quite a challenge to position myself in the water ready to get a steady shot, and underwater acrobatics adds an interesting dimension to the art of photography, but I did manage to capture some cool shots. My personal favourite is a portrait of a pair of hairy frogfish (these wonderful creatures look like a cross between a severely pissed off angora rabbit and a newt).

The underwater world at the Lembeh Straits is magical. There a huge variety of weird and wonderful creatures living down there, too numerous to mention. I see something new or funny on each dive. The last couple of days have been great for spotting Octopus (my favourite is the black and white striped Mimic Octopus). I always like the grumpy fish, like the Devil Scorpion Fish and the very aggressive ‘Nemo’ (clown) Anenome fish who protect their territory by bearing their sharp little teeth. Sometimes they even win (one bit Helen on the finger the other day!). Whoever would have guessed that Nemo was such a cold-blooded killer?!

More news later from Bunaken. Thanks for your comments. I read and enjoy them, even if I don’t always have time to reply. Please keep them coming!


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6 Responses to I’m a Diver!

  1. Anna says:

    Hey dear! When reading your blog I want to do diving too! Seriously, it sounds divine! I am have dived into the fishy world of internet dating. A cold hit me (i think it was all the airco returning from Bali) and conveniently enough I can still keep myself entertained virtually. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am planning my trip to SF, my company is actually paying me the hotel for the first weekend which is great. I will visit lovely Emily, need to book in an Alcatraz visit and we might go down to south on a small road trip on the Sunday. Then the week means work and then Friday at noon I am heading with my fun colleague from tech support Susana towards Napa Valley where we will go on a steam train, drink wine and visit wineyards! Then I also want to visit Yosemite…
    Today, inbetween studies, I am meeting Ernie and Kristian for brunch and tomorrow I am taking Elin to the Historisch museum (i have two free tickets and I have NEVER in my 8 years managed a visit!!).
    Have a great time (no doubt you will)!
    Kram Anna

  2. Rosemary Griffith says:

    Congratulations on becoming a fully fledged diver – it all sounds magical -I do so enjoy reading about your adventures ! mum x

  3. Claire W-D says:

    Another arrow to your well-equipped bow! Well done Lucy! x

  4. frenchyme says:

    Amazing Lucy Lu! I wish I was there with you…but reading all about it makes it like I’m almost there ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the pictures too!

  5. Erik Kater says:

    Very good Lucy, now you are a scubadiver. When you’re back I’ll show you it is to dive the cold and murky dutch waters ๐Ÿ˜‰

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